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Meet Your Fitness Goals. All Levels. Any Terrain.

Personal Coaching

We would like to help you with your goals in health, fitness, a special event, performance or anything else you can dream up. We are here as resources, motivators and guides to support you.

Create Your Package

Create Your Package

Create a customized personal coaching package for your unique needs and goals. We are generous with our time, no matter what you choose to focus on.

An Athletic Pursuits personal coach supports you and your goals on land or in the water. We honor our athletes’ unique paths and needs.

  • Training plans customized for your lifestyle and goals
  • We provide an annual approach and week to week and daily work out details
  • Regular check ins with your coach via email, phone, text or in person (if local)
  • Daily and sports hydration and nutrition consults
Athletic Pursuits

Prices and Details

Prices and Details

We Offer a 10% discount for 4-month coaching subscriptions

Personal Coaching month to month
Price $150 per month

Monthly coaching keeps the athlete tuned and ready for events. We work closely on all areas of lifestyle and fitness to keep you going strong.

Personal Coaching plus group workouts
Price $200 per month

Monthly coaching and group workouts include inspirational coaching and support from fellow athletes and fitness seekers during our weekly group workouts. You can choose from any of our group workouts.

Personal Coaching 4-month subscription
Price $540 (includes 10% discount)

10% discount for 4-month subscription

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