In The Spring

  • Coach in a Kayak
    Private open water personal coaching gives you measurable feedback for your open water swim. We use GPS tools, still photography and video to give you a clear picture with directions on how to improve.

Our Philosophy

  • We get to know our swimmers. We ask a lot of questions, evaluate your swim and present recommendations for areas you can work on to become a better swimmer.

    Each swimmer is different with different strengths, flexibility, injury status, goals and experiences in the water. We take all of these things into consideration when we deliver all of our programs. This is why so many of our athletes have seen improvements in their swimming.

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workout

Triathletes, open water swimmers and fitness enthusiasts, take your swim to the next level. You will swim mostly freestyle however we provide instruction for breaststroke and backstroke as well as wall turns. The general format for our classes includes warmup, drills, main sets, skill focus and relaxed swim sets. Get coached, be challenged and have fun in the pool!  

To register, go to our registration page. Call us at 978-590-9844 if you have any questions.

Athletic Pursuits

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