In The Spring

  • Coach in a Kayak
    Private open water personal coaching gives you measurable feedback for your open water swim. We use GPS tools, still photography and video to give you a clear picture with directions on how to improve.

Our Philosophy

  • We get to know our swimmers. We ask a lot of questions, evaluate your swim and present recommendations for areas you can work on to become a better swimmer.

    Each swimmer is different with different strengths, flexibility, injury status, goals and experiences in the water. We take all of these things into consideration when we deliver all of our programs. This is why so many of our athletes have seen improvements in their swimming.

Video Analysis

Technique Tune Up Single Day

Improve your freestyle technique for fitness or competition. We will use the following tools in our clinic to help you improve your swim technique: Video analysis and review of proper technique, drill practice and written analysis and video links provided after each session.

Price: $105

Locations & Dates:

Please ask us about the time and location of our next clinics either by using the contact form or calling us at 978-590-9844.

"I love your program.   Anybody who can make me excited about going to the pool and doing drills is doing something very right!"  Gerry Doyle

"I highly recommend Deanna’s stroke clinic.  Deanna’s coaching has led to immediate and dramatic improvements in my swimming.  Altering my stroke has translated to a better than 15% improvement on a timed 50 yard sprint and the efficiency to do longer interval workouts that I could not even consider before this clinic.  Swimming will no longer be a weakness for me in triathlons and I’m anxiously awaiting the opportunity to enter my first open water swimming-only event. "  Thomas Dudley

Athletic Pursuits

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