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We take you from right where you are now and bring you to a higher level of skill, fitness and fun in sports and wellness. Join us for group workouts, private coaching sessions, support in daily and sports nutrition, skill, technique, performance measurement and motivation. We can help you for a special event, for overall health and anything you can dream up! Coaches Bios.

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Personal Coaching

We'd like to help you with your goals in health, fitness, a special event, performance or anything else you can dream up.

An Athletic Pursuits personal coach oversees your physical activity and helps you implement lifestyle changes that support you and your goals while continuing to honor your individual path and needs. We are here as resources, motivators, educators and to support you.

We are generous with our time no matter what package you choose. You can sign up for one level of coaching services and go up or down any time depending on your goals and needs. We can also create a customized package for your unique needs.

Monthly coaching keeps the athlete tuned and ready for events. We work closely on all areas of lifestyle and fitness to keep you going strong. Price: $125/4-week block.

Monthly coaching + Group workouts Includes the above coaching support and the inspiration and support from fellow athletes and fitness seekers during our weekly group workouts. You can choose from any of our group workouts for Price: $175/4-week block.

Monthly coaching + 1 Hour Private Session Includes the above coaching support and one on one time with the coach. This is usually skill focused and specific to the individual and areas for growth. This could include consultations and on site (if local) meetings. We offer field testing, video analysis on land, in the water, daily and sports nutrition consult or individual strength plan design. Price: $250/4-week block.


Please contact us for more information and to discuss your needs and goals.

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